About the artist

Sue Dyde - Contemporary Artist Wagga Wagga

I’ve always been creative, working in jewellery design for much of my career and then later in life I moved into art. I have my beautiful daughter to thank for that! I went with her on a university placement to Balmain and instead of twiddling my thumbs while she finished her studies I picked up a paintbrush - and I’ve found it hard to put down ever since! The big turning point for me was entering six paintings in a local exhibition -my contemporary artist style was completely different from the other art works shown and as it turns out, really well received, I sold three paintings in that exhibition and seven months later I quit the jewellery industry to become a full-time artist.

Through my art you’ll see the reflections of an Australian life I have lived. Old Man Emu is a moment I captured during a 2012 trek to Darwin with my husband. We’d loaded up a Toyota Land Cruiser with an off-road camper trailer and took off for an adventure. We followed the Oodnadatta track and the going was rough, following a road rent with large corrugates in red dirt, blue sky country, and it gave us the time we wanted to meet some of Australia’s wildlife characters. Emu’s were everywhere, each with a face full of stories, and Old Man Emu seeks to tell the story of one of these. His big brown eyes are the key, full of wisdom and humour.

You’ll probably have noticed a fair few cyclists in my work. None of them are me! My family are into triathlons and I’m the support crew (I’d say support crew extraordinaire!). I even spent one amazing summer in France with my husband and a group of our friends chasing the Tour de France all over the country and I find it a real thrill to catch the colour and movement of a hard-fought race. I`m a Wagga Wagga girl and the colours of Australia run in my blood through and through. The outdoors the mountains - they feed my work and are my inspiration.