Sue Dyde

Contemporary art to suit your décor

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To begin with, working on a commission (creating a specific work of art that someone asks me to make) is exciting and completely different from working on a piece by myself.

I can create a design that will suit your décor, just the right size and colour palette, made especially for you. The process is simple. Just send me a photo of the space (and your decor) and I can email you back a digital mockup of my art work placed in your original photo – so you can preview how it will look.

If you live in the Wagga Wagga region, I can also come to your location (at no charge) and bring a selection of art works to try before making a decision.

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Commissioned pieces available.

Sue Dyde

I’ve always been creative, working in jewellery design for much of my career and then later in life I moved into art. I have my beautiful daughter to thank for that! I went with her on a university placement to Balmain and instead of twiddling my thumbs while she finished her studies I picked up a paintbrush - and I’ve found it hard to put down ever since!

The big turning point for me was entering six paintings in a local exhibition -my contemporary artist style was completely different from the other art works shown and as it turns out, really well received, I sold three paintings in that exhibition and seven months later I quit the jewellery industry to become a full-time artist.